As the passing of language falls, it is better to produce fruitful fruit by practical action. In the beautiful West, use your hands to get close to your dreams.

南宁市优美西点烘焙职业培训学校是一家面向全球招生、集培训、考证、就业为一体的全能型西点人才培训机构。自1996年建校以来,优美西点教育先后在南宁、 广州、西安、南昌、长沙、郑州、重庆等全国多个城市开设多 所直营院校。

YOUMEI Patisserie Education is a high-end and versatile patisserie training institution for study training, certificates exam and job hunting, facing to the global people, which is subordinated to the famous CHANGAN KAIYUAN Education Investment Co., Ltd. Since being established in 1996, YOUMEI Patisserie Education establishes several direct institutions in Nanning, Guangzhou,Xian,Nanchang,Changsha,Zhengzhou,Chongqing, and etc.

优美西点教育拥有优雅时尚的校园环境,现代化的教学软硬件设施,西点大师领衔的师资团队,融合中西方文化, 紧密结合市场,实行“名师一对一同步专业教学”。课程内容覆盖西点、西餐、咖啡、西式餐饮管理等多个方向。

YOUMEI Patisserie Education has an elegant and stylish campus environment, modern teaching hardware and software facilities and the teacher team led by the international level Western dessert teachers, which is integrated of Chinese and Western culture, closely with the market, and implementing " one teacher to one student model with synchronous professional teaching." Course content covers Western dessert, Western food, coffee, Western restaurant management and other subjects.

作为国内的专业人才培养机构,优美西点教育结合多年的教育经验与国际先进的西点教育方法, 首创立体教学模式,实现理实一体化教学,全面提升学生素养,旨在为中国培养真正具有国际水平的西点大师。 学生学成之后,不仅能够考取国家认证的职业资格证书和大、中专学历证书,同时学校将以“五重就业保障、 四重就业服务”帮助他们找到理想工作,成就美好职业人生。

As the top domestic professional training institutions, YOUMEI Patisserie Education combining with years of educational experience and the international advanced Western dessert education, develops the first three-dimensional teaching model, achieves rational and practical teaching, enhances student accomplishment and aims to cultivate international level Western dessert master of China. After learning, students not only obtain the vocational qualification certificates, junior college and technical secondary school certificate authorized by the Nation, but also get the help from school with "five steps employment protection and four steps job services" to find ideal jobs, having achievements of a better career.

学校重视就业工作,始终狠抓就业这个输出终端,不仅与蒂丽雪斯、老船长烘培、 范记饼屋、美点饼业、东方月皇等千家知名企业建立校企合作的就业机制,并在北京、 上海、成都、广州、杭州、深圳、青岛、长沙、南京、郑州、济南、太原、合肥等 全国主要省会城市成立就业指导中心,建立全国就业网络,开展就业指导、就业推荐 和跟踪服务等工作。


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